Your C ard is Your Destiny...
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It's in the cards...
The following comments are taken from actual letters and emails from satisfied clients and are shared with full approval and permission from all individuals. 

“Once again my deepest appreciation for your wise counsel and insights. I feel so blessed to have met you and to access your expertise.”- PF - Jacksonville, FL 

“The journey of the past few months leaves me speechless and full of gratitude. I think of you often, and thank you for your guidance.”- JS – psychologist/professor

“Thank you for your extraordinary guidance, and especially for who you are BEING in the World. You are an ‘ANGEL’! I send you love, love, love and warm thoughts and laughter.”- SH - lawyer

“Thank you for the reading. You are so wise and insightful. I really appreciate knowing you are there!!”- AR – stylist for films

“I’ll be thinking of you for a long time. Your insights made me much more able to sleep last night without bad dreams. My head is so filled with thoughts that I don’t know where to begin to thank you.”- GK – truck and tractor sales

“Thank you and our guides for your most timely messages. Everything that was said resonated as true for sure.”- AM – counselor

“How wonderful to connect with you. I feel so much more connected to myself today! When I got off the phone with you, [my twelve-year-old son] was curious and very receptive about our phone call. He asked a lot of questions and I passed along much of your thoughts and intuition about him – he was very thrilled… Well, you should have seen his face – a grin from ear to ear. I also shared the life-ring story with him and he responded so beautifully! My heart thanks you.”- LB – counselor

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