Your C ard is Your Destiny...
Beverly Barrett                                         904-982-8028

It's in the cards...
It's In The Cards...


I am a Professional Relationship Expert. I have read, studied, and practiced Destiny Readings for over 15 years.

There are several different types of Destiny Card Readings. I perform single or group Destiny Card parties. I am based in Jacksonville but because of my reputation and demand I travel throughout the US so please contact me with your requests. Below you will find a partial list of various types of readings and a general description so you know what to expect from your personal reading.

Types of Readings:

Birth Card Reading

What is your Birth Card and what does it mean to you?

How do you relate to others?

Are you a Heart, Club, Spade or Diamond Card?

Relationship Card Reading

Is he/she really in Love with you?

Will he/she ever commit to me?

It really is “All in the Cards. Relationship readings will help you understand who you are, why you are the way you are and how you act in relationships.  Each Birth Card has a wonderful expression and a high potential. A Relationship Card Reading can tell you exactly how compatible you are with practically anyone in the world.

 Hearts represent feelings

Clubs represent thoughts

Diamonds represent values or what we want

Spades represent what we actually do


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