Your C ard is Your Destiny...
Beverly Barrett                                         904-982-8028

It's in the cards...

International Association of Cardology

Cardology is the Ancient Metaphysical Science of Playing Cards.

Your Card Is Your Destiny!

Your birthday determines your destiny!

Find out who you are today! Beverly is available for readings in person or over the telephone!

Customized reports that tell you exact dates of events are available!

Beverly's book, "Who Am I?" is now available on Amazon!


Your Card Is Your Destiny
I Am the JOKER, Who Are You?

Reports Available

  • Personal Yearly Report (birthday to birthday).
  • Lovers Report (what's your connection?
  • Money & Success Report (Yearly). 
  • Business Compatibility Report.
  • Friends & Family Report?
   Ancient Wisdom has been hiding in the deck of playing cards for thousands of years. There is a code to your life, a script that will tell you everything that is happening today, tomorrow and the rest of your life! It's called CARDOLOGY!

     The First-Ever Cardology Conference will be held at the Luxor Hotel in Las, Vegas Nevada October 11th--14th 2017
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